Carbo is one of the largest Google Apps Resellers. We understand that email migration can be a tedious task. That's why we pride ourselves in simplicity, reliability and customer support.

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  • Easy email migration

    Partner with Carbo to get full access to our email migration tool, powered by the ShuttleCloud platform, and migrate email messages to or within Google Apps.

  • Google Apps specialists

    With years of experience, certifications and awards from Google, our team will see you through your Google Apps integration smoothly and hassle-free.

  • Excellent support

    Carbo customers have access to both Google and Carbo’s top notch support teams, ready to assist you with any of your Google Apps needs.

Email Migration for Google Apps

Email migration made easy. Our tool runs in the cloud and copies all emails from a specified email account to another one.

Built for the Google Apps Ecosystem, the app can migrate emails from any IMAP-enabled provider to a Google Apps email account on your domain. You can also migrate emails between accounts within your domain, providing an important resource for backup, account consolidation and offboarding purposes.

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Google Apps by Carbo

If your company needs to migrate more than one email account, or access to our support or tool suite, we welcome you to Partner with us as your Google Apps provider.

We offer our migration tool, along with access to our Google Apps Specialists and administrative reporting, included in the standard rate of Google Apps. Join Carbo at no extra cost.


    add an annual contract and save $10 per year per user


    monthly per user

    or $50.00 per year per user


    with unlimited email and files storage and Google Vault


    monthly per user

    or $120.00 per year per user

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Certified Google Apps Specialists

From deployment, management, or consultation, every member of our client services team is incredibly well versed in the Google Apps Ecosystem. As a Partner, we'll become a great resource to your team for anything Apps or migration-related.

Carbo customers have full access to our support team, as well as the support team at Google. Our team is highly qualified and ready to help you at any moment. We have obtained the Google Deployment Specialist certification and have years of experience working with Google Apps.

Our parent company, ShuttleCloud, received a Security Hall of Fame award from Google in 2012, and has a record of providing excellent service and experience related to the Google ecosystem.

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How can we help your business?

Our team is available to make sure that your company has the best Google Apps experience possible. In addition to Google Support, we will also be able to provide much of the support your company needs in troubleshooting your Apps services.

We work to provide valuable advising for our clients so they can reduce their Google Apps spending and maintain the highest productivity while working in Google Apps.

Carbo Partners also get access to our exclusive administrative reporting tool at no additional cost. This reporting tool will give you a comprehensive report of your Google Apps domain and usage, created by the same company that brought you Gmail Meter.

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Google Apps tailored for you

Carbo, the SMB division of ShuttleCloud, is a leading Google Apps Partner. Our mission is to help you and your team get set up with and thrive within Google Apps.

Partner with Carbo today and get access to the Carbo tools and our top-notch support, which will assist you with your migration and getting Google Apps integrated with your business.

Choosing Carbo as your Google Apps Partner will not change your Google Apps pricing. We take great pride in the service we provide and our goal is ensure your company’s success with Google Apps.

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I didn't find anything to be missing, and I didn't have to do anything but press go. Astonishingly impressive in my assessment so far. Highly recommendable. Even if there were a few things missing (and there are none that I can find), it would still be a massive time saver. DIY hack alternatives pale in comparison.

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