Carbo is one of the largest Google Cloud Partners and we specialize in email migration onto G Suite. We understand that moving your company onto G Suite can appear daunting, so try our free email migration tool to help make the process simpler!

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  • Easy email migration

    Partner with Carbo to get full access to our email migration tool, powered by our ShuttleCloud platform, and migrate email messages to or within G Suite.

  • G Suite Specialists

    With years of experience, certifications and awards from Google, our team will see you through your G Suite experience smoothly and hassle-free.

  • Excellent support

    Carbo customers have access to both Google and Carbo’s top notch support teams, ready to assist you with any of your G Suite needs.

Free Email Migration for G Suite

Switching email services is a big undertaking, which often involves the risk of losing historical data. We build our email migration tool with the intention of streamlining this process - both for administrators and individuals.

With the Carbo Migration Tool, your team will be able to easily and simply transfer all of your emails from your previous service provider to G Suite. Administrators are able to do so for any member of the team, while individual team members will only be able to import emails into their new G Suite accounts.

Email Migration Made Easy

Use Our Tool to Consolidate Accounts

While the primary use case for our email migration tool is initial onboarding to G Suite, our tool is also able to migrate emails between accounts on your domain. Administrators can also migrate emails from within domain to consumer Gmail accounts.

This ultimately provides you with an important resource for not just onboarding, but also for backup, account consolidation, and even offboarding purposes. Redundant email addresses can be safely deleted without fear of email data loss.

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Dedicated G Suite specialists

As a Google Cloud Partner, we’re experts in just about anything related to the G Suite platform. Having dedicated G Suite experts in-house can be expensive, and we’re also available to help on that front.

From setting up G Suite for the first time to ongoing maintenance to getting a better grasp of your G Suite license usage, we’re ready to help you make the most out of G Suite. For a small fee, our team of experienced G Suite specialists - certified by Google - will be available to assist you with anything G Suite.


I didn't find anything to be missing, and I didn't have to do anything but press go. Astonishingly impressive in my assessment so far. Highly recommendable. Even if there were a few things missing (and there are none that I can find), it would still be a massive time saver. DIY hack alternatives pale in comparison.


If you’re looking for assistance beyond our migration tool, please email us at and we’ll get back to you shortly.