Carbo is one of the largest Google Cloud Partners and we specialize in working with small to medium businesses. We understand that having dedicated G Suite specialists in-house can be expensive, so let us be that reliable G Suite expertise your company needs.

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  • Easy email migration

    Partner with Carbo to get full access to our email migration tool, powered by our ShuttleCloud platform, and migrate email messages to or within G Suite.

  • G Suite Specialists

    With years of experience, certifications and awards from Google, our team will see you through your G Suite experience smoothly and hassle-free.

  • Excellent support

    Carbo customers have access to both Google and Carbo’s top notch support teams, ready to assist you with any of your G Suite needs.

Enjoy the Benefits of Working with Carbo

While our primary focus is making email migration and onboarding to G Suite easy, our tool is also able to migrate emails between accounts within your domain. This provides you with an important resource for backup, account consolidation, and even offboarding purposes.

In addition to our migration tool, we maintain a detailed and customized license report that provides insights on how to minimize a domain’s G Suite costs.

And finally, our G Suite customers will have priority for beta access to the premium version of our email analytics tool Gmail Meter!

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G Suite Licenses through Carbo

While we are able to provide our services and products for free, we do ask that we become your domain’s Google Cloud Partner.

The Partnership relationship requires that we be responsible for payment processing of your G Suite licenses. This comes at no additional cost above the standard you would expect directly from Google, and are described below.


    add an annual contract and save $10 per year per user


    monthly per user

    or $50.00 per year per user


    with unlimited email and files storage and Google Vault


    monthly per user

    No annual contract available

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Haven’t Worked with a Partner Before?

The Google Cloud Partner program is supported by Google so that authorized Partners can build and enrich the existing Google Cloud or G Suite ecosystem. This allows us to offer our products and services at low costs, please visit here for more information on Google Cloud Partners.

And remember that Partnering with Carbo means unlimited access to our email migration tool, free reporting on your G Suite licenses and usage, and will guarantee your team a chance to beta test our upcoming premium Gmail Meter.


I didn't find anything to be missing, and I didn't have to do anything but press go. Astonishingly impressive in my assessment so far. Highly recommendable. Even if there were a few things missing (and there are none that I can find), it would still be a massive time saver. DIY hack alternatives pale in comparison.

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