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Working with a Google Cloud Partner

Rest assured that there are minimal changes to your G Suite services when working with Carbo as your a Google Cloud Partner. The primary change in your standard services is that we will begin processing payment for your G Suite licenses. The rate, frequency, and services themselves do not change at all.

For this switch, you will be granted access to our email migration tool and be able to request our license report. In addition, for choosing Carbo as your Google Cloud Partner, your team will get priority access to our premium Gmail Meter once it’s in closed testing!

What is a Google Cloud Partner?

Google Cloud Partners are licensed by Google to distribute Google products (G Suite in our specific case) and provide added support for the platform. This program is a way for Google to support third parties that work to enrich the existing Google Cloud or G Suite ecosystem.

Some Google Cloud Partners choose to focus on complementary software, others strictly on support and consultation - but we at Carbo have a blend of the two.

This program allows us to offer our email migration tool and license reporting at low costs, but please visit here for more information on Google Cloud Partners.


I didn't find anything to be missing, and I didn't have to do anything but press go. Astonishingly impressive in my assessment so far. Highly recommendable. Even if there were a few things missing (and there are none that I can find), it would still be a massive time saver. DIY hack alternatives pale in comparison.